The Kosmic Kart Racing Department, for the important stage of the FIA Karting European Championship in Kristianstad, will be able to count on the usual competitive technical material and the constant improvements shown by our drivers

After the winning races in Genk, another decisive stage of the European race meeting of the Kosmic Kart Racing Department is going to start with the third round of OK and OKJ FIA Karting European Championship, taking place this weekend on the Asum Ring in Kristianstad, Sweden.
The large number of registered drivers, especially the 108 in OKJ, with many drivers racing “at home”, prove that also this third round of the Championship will be a demanding test bench for our drivers and our technical material.

Once again, in OKJ we are going to line up Andrey Zhivnov, Axel Malja and Alexander Gubenko, while our standard-bearears in OK will be David Rozenfeld and Nicolas Pino, author of a great debut on the track in Genk two weeks ago.
Right in Belgium, all our drivers have been the authors of important performances throughout the weekend: in Kristianstad, actually, our first target will be trying to get those great results, necessary to fight for top positions with the best drivers.
As always, our drivers will be supported by the Kosmic Mercury R chassis, new winner of the last round and chosen by 23 registered drivers for the race in Sweden.

To follow the third round of FIA Karting European Championship, it is possible to visit the website or use the official app FIA Karting for iOS and Android. Both will place the live-timing of all race sessions at everyone’s disposal and, starting from the Qualifying Heats, it will be possible to follow the races in live-streaming until the Finals on Sunday.