Still confirmed for next year are the Mercury RR and TDX models (for the shifter, single-gear and DD2 categories) as well as the Kid, for the very young drivers. What's new, however, is the Rookie (MINI), now in a brand-new version specifically for 'soft' tyres.

Kosmic Kart, the historic brand of OTK Kart Group, officially unveils its chassis range for 2024, including several confirmations and one special novelty. The Mercury RR remains the brand's flagship model, while the Rookie, reserved for the MINI categories and CIK-FIA homologated, "triples" its offer with the introduction of the new EVM version, which will flank the current EVH and EVS versions.

Since ever, Kosmic Kart has embraced the OTK Kart Group's "Designed, Engineered, Manufactured, 100% made in OTK - Italy" philosophy, exploiting the Italian company's work in the field of design, development and production of its racing karts. An industrial approach that sees the R&D department constantly at the forefront of technological innovation, based on largely automated manufacturing and quality control processes under the total control of OTK staff. Such a philosophy that – even in only the last four years - has allowed the chassis made in the factory of Prevalle (Brescia district, Italy) to win a total of no less than 7 world championships.

The Mercury RR represents the pinnacle of Kosmic Kart's offer and inherits all the winning features of OTK Kart Group and is exclusive for the single gear, shifter and DD2 categories. The TDX, on the other hand, while owining all the fundamental features of the range's key model, differs from it in the diameter of the body tubes (Ø 32 mm).

Born in 2020, the Rookie (reserved for the MINI classes) "splits" into two versions in 2022: the EVH, which favours the use of "hard" tyres, and the EVS, designed for "soft" tyres. Based on these solid designs, from next year there will be a further version of the Rookie: the EVM, a direct evolution of the EVS model, also meant for 'soft' compound tyres.

Finally, for the youngest drivers, the Kid model is confirmed, ideal for taking their first steps in karting.