Basz and Pourchaire deservedly conquer the podium in OK and OKJ category and Basz continues his run to the DKM title (Deutsche Kart Meisterschaft).
In KZ2 Hajek performs formidable heats, winning three out of three, but in race-1 we have a bitter surprise, with a stop while leading the race.
The DKM round has highlighted the technical Kosmic Kart-Vortex potential and in view of the next CIK-FIA European Championship’s event, which will be held right on the Belgian track of Genk, all the Racing Department is particularly motivated. In the European Championship, in fact, we are running for the success both in KZ and OK.

OK. The run to the DKM title for our Karol Basz promises to be balanced with a fast rival who is proving to be Tonteri.
Karol got the third row in the heats (also winning a success) and in race-1 has fought for the fourth place until the chequered flag, against Novalak.
In race-2, jumped from the front row (as a result of the first six positions of race-1 reversed) Basz led a very good race, showing the quality of the chassis and getting on the podium for the fourth time in this DKM championship.
In the championship’s standing Basz is second and, as mentioned, is opposed to Tonteri in a comparison between drivers who are running at the top as their best weapon.
The excellent weekend was also a good prelude to a European Championship’s final where we will fight for the title right with Karol Basz.


OKJ. Franck Chappard and Théo Pourchaire have already shown their value after the heats finishing, respectively, thirteenth and sixteenth. Positions that could be significantly better if they were not involved in collisions, a heat each.
In race-1 both Pourchaire and Chappard showed to have competitive chassis and the qualities to aim for a very good result. Just in race-1 the protagonist was a Kosmic Kart, led by Martins (VKD team) who got the podium.
In race-In race-2 Pourchaire climbed the standing to the top with determination finishing on the podium, in third place, in front of the Kosmic Kart Martins.


KZ2. The final result in KZ2 is little generous to the Racing Department and makes our staff lightly disappointed. In fact, during the weekend Patrik Hajek ran in the leading role, supported by absolutely outstanding technical material.
Patrik after a positive fourth time in qualifying, won all three heats, becoming one of the favourites for the supremacy of the two finals.
At the starting grid of race-1 Hajek went straight to the leading of the race, remaining there until mid-race (8th laps), when an inconvenience stopped him.
In race-2, our driver could not do anything but make the most of his chassis, recovering up to the fifteenth place.
Currently in the overall standings Hajek is fifth and remains largely in the running for a good place in the DKM ranking.
Despite the disappointment, all the staff can positively assess how competitive our technical package is and all of them are now looking with optimism and desire for redemption at the next event on the Belgian track, when we will play for the KZ European Championship.