Our Racing Department will be present in Kristianstad (Sweden) with Hajek and Backman for the most difficult and exciting challenge of the season, the World Championship for KZ class. In KZ2, for the Super Cup, we will have a new driver, Cavalieri.

The most awaited competition of the season, the CIK-FIA World Championship for KZ, has been well prepared by the Racing Department which has returned from a successful season in the category with the gear thanks to its increasingly competitive and reliable material.

So our drivers, Patrik Hajek and Andreas Backman, are extremely motivated and well determined in the fight at the Swedish Kristianstad track where, next weekend, the title of the KZ World Champion, challenging with the world's best drivers, is taking place.

The importance of the event takes on an even more special flavour to our Andreas, which he will run such an important event right in his country, Sweden, under the watchful eyes of his countrymen and fans.

At the same time, also the CIK-FIA KZ2 International Super Cup will be run, in which we aim to play a leading role with the newly arrived, the Italian driver Alberto Cavalieri.

Do not miss the important phases of the World Cup and the KZ2 Super Cup, following us on our socials and through the live timing of the official CIK-FIA website.

Sunday finals (4th September) will be broadcast live on the CIKFIA.TV.