The World Championship has once more given proof of our chassis performance. Valtanen’s Kosmic Kart-Vortex conquered the podium in OK category. 

OK. On the British PF International track, our driver missed the top positions due to unlucky occurrences. Despite this, the "Blue" Kosmic Kart colour climbed to the podium thanks to the consistent performance of the Finnish Juho Valtanen (Kohtala Sports), third overall.
Amongst the Racing Department’s drivers Noah Milell cut the finishing line in eighth place, but a penalty (caused by the front bumper offside) slipped him out of the top-ten.

OKJ. In the cadet class, our Stanek and Handsaeme were still victims of the difficult mid-ranking fight.
The Kosmic Kart chassis could reach the top ranking positions thanks to drivers like Antoine Potty (VDK Racing), always in the first positions during the heats.