The third round of WSK Euro Series has been positive for our Kosmic Racing Department team, with the superlative podium gained by Ippolito in KF2 category.
Unfortunately a few accidents prevented our team to collect the expected results.

And it is just in this category, KF2, Ippolito and Marcon gave their best as well as the Argentinean driver Maranzana who got important points in the Final.

Some slight collisions for Weiron and Lefort during the eliminatory heats hindered the entering in the Final. By the way their performances were the same as the drivers who reached the final.

In KZ1 category Armand Convers fought for the podium in both races and got important scores. In the long race of Sunday, Convers hardly competed for the podium and confirmed our technical material is amongst the best, as already shown on the occasion of the European Championship in Wackersdorf. 

Unfortunately KF3 category crowned us as the main protagonists but at the same time very unlucky ones. Pedro Hiltbrand behaved very wee with the Mercury-RAD chassis perfectly set up by our team, the young Spanish driver won not less than three qualifying heats. Unfortunately, during the final, in the core of the competition, Hiltbrand was forced to stop due to a shooting pain for a rib contusion.   

In KF1 category our drivers Zdenek Groman and Tereza Gromanova raced in a good manner but a few collisions prevent them to give their best.

Their fast-drive skills were clear during the qualifying, when both entered the Super Pole.

Our driver, Bailly, conquered in both races important points and he’s still amongst the drivers which can yearn for the podium in the last round of the WSK Euro at Zuera.

The weekend in La Conca was featured by a quite rubbery track with really high temperatures which made our technical staff ‘s work very hard for the achievement of the best chassis’ set-up and performances. However, in such conditions too, our Mercury chassis powered by Vortex engines expressed their best, giving evidence of all their technical qualities.

Olivier Marechal - Kosmic Kart Racing Department’s Team Manager:
“Unfortunately some events penalize our drivers in KF2 category particularly, with some collisions which prevented Marcon to gain the podium. In KF3 category it is a pity that Hiltbrand got injured since with him too we could get on the step!.”