At the Belgium Genk Circuit the Kosmic Racing Department will be engaged in a double and very important event, the third round of the KF1 World Cup Championship in KZ1 category.

Our  Racing Department is lining up Armand Convers in KZ1 category, where very good performances have been shown until now. Technical material is at its top and this will allow Convers to give its best in order to go straight to the success in the master class. In KZ1 category we already obtained the podium on the occasion of the European Championship and according to the performances shown by our Mercury and Lynx chassis we are aware to be able to aim at top positions in this important event, too.  KF1 category on the occasion of the third event of the season, will see our drivers still playing an important role, after the success gained by Bailly and Groman in the opening competition held in Germany; the team expects to succeed again in Belgium, and to forget this way the unfortunate race held in Zuera. To see all results link at: 

Olivier Marechal - Kosmic Kart Racing Department’s Team Manager:
“In both categories, KF1 and KZ1, we are competitive and are able to gain very good success. Genk is very close to the headquarter of Vortex engines’ development and most of our team members are Belgian, so someway we can say we race at home.”