On the occasion of the fourth world appointment our team reaches the third position on Sunday race in KF1 category race with Bailly. In the World Cup for KF2 and KF3 categories our chassis are steadily in the top positions and Ippolito, in KF2,  by springing  from the first row in the final gains the best lap in race, ending up very close to the podium. In the cadet class, KF3, Hiltbrand, after his break due to an accident, is amongst the best drivers of the whole weekend.

In KF1 category Bailly progressively improved his performances and in race-3 took full advantage of his Mercury chassis, straightly going to the podium for the third time in the season. In three races out of four, Zdenek Groman, who begun the weekend with an unlucky disqualification, brilliantly recovered during the final races on Sunday, fighting for the podium.

In KF2 Ippolito won not less than two heats and one was for the Argentinean Maranzana, from our team too. He had been the unlucky protagonist of the whole weekend since even though he raced with very good performances, he had been involved in a few accidents which compromised the run to the podium.

Marcon and Tan, too, raced in the final without any concern. Ippolito, particularly, got the second position in the pre-final and in the final he confirmed the perfect chassis, racing in the first positions. A slight collision at the beginning forced our driver to slow the run first and to recover some positions after. The best lap with 1:05.773 and the conquered fourth position, leave the regret for the result which could be even more important for Paolo Ippolito. Pedro Hiltbrand, due to his long absence for the accident in which he was involved on last July, raced quite hardly. Our young Spanish driver, in KF3 category shown the unquestionable qualities of our material in the cadet class, too, by conquering top positions in the final.  

Oliver Marechal – Kosmic Kart Racing Department’s Team Manager
“We made a good job and I can say our material has proved to be even better than we expected. The thing is our material has conquered top positions in all three categories, thus giving a clear confirmation of our high-professionalism”.