• At Kristianstad the third round of the European Championship KFJ, in which we lineup Drugovich Roncato, Novalak and Krencisz
• In KZ2 class, for the final round, we lineup the home rider Andreas Backman
• Useful links to follow the event live timing and streaming tv
The calendar of the CIK-FIA European Championship of Junior KF provides for the race on the Kristianstad track in Sweden this weekend.
Our Racing Department will be on track with three young promises in the cadet class, the Rok Talent Jan Krencisz, the Swiss Clément Novalak, and the Brazilian promise Felipe Drugovich Roncato.
The Swedish race will be the last of the European Championship for KZ and KZ2 categories. In this class we will have at the track the home rider Andreas Backman, ready to take advantage of his well knowledge of the Kristianstad track, a circuit that is not known to all, since this is the first time that an event CIK-FIA is run here.
To follow the event of Kristianstad the links of web TV and the live timing are as follows: http://www.cikfia.tv/live-tv.html