On the eve of the last round of the season, which will be held at PF International (UK) Nielsen is the leader of the CIK European Championship for KF category Next to Nielsen in KF, other drivers in wearing blue colours will be the Rok Talent Durante and Russian Sitnikov, making his debut with the Kosmic Kart In KFJ category Novalak is looking for gaining good scores. Krencisz and Drugovich Roncato will gather some international experience, ready to show off How to follow, and cheer Nielsen, in live timing and streaming tv 

The exciting race for the CIK European Championship of KF category will end next weekend (August 28th to 31st) on the British PF International circuit.
Along the 1,382 meters of the PFI track, our Nicklas Nielsen will play the chance to win the coveted title of KF class. Nielsen is at the start of the last (out of four) round of the championship with 76 points and nine ahead of his closest pursuer, the British Ilott (67 scores). More detached there are two other British drivers, Joyner and Norris (53 points), the Finn Kari (48 points). Nielsen will thus have to deal with three drivers who compete at home, which the driver of the Racing Department has already faced , successfully, in the past season. Nielsen arrives at this decisive race with an escalation of significant results gained, which saw him come second to Zuera (2nd round) and win at Genk (3rd round). Our drivers will have at their disposition the formidable Mercury chassis powered by Vortex engines, a combination of absolute importance, which, combined with the technical know-how guaranteed by our staff, represents an added value to our drivers. Next to Nielsen will be the Italian Cosimo Durante, winner of the Rok Talent Award and the fastest Russian driver Nikita Sitnikov, author of outstanding performance in KF class, making his debut with the "Blue" Kosmic Kart colours. The other driver who won the Rok Talent selection (performed between the drivers that race in the Rok Cup championships by Vortex) is Jan Krencisz who will be involved in the KFJ. In the cadet class we will have the Swiss driver Clément Novalak, chasing points in the championship, and the great South American Felipe Roncato Drugovich.
In order to follow the very final of the European Championship and cheer for Nielsen and his teammates, live timing and streaming tv links are the following: http://www.cikfia.tv/