• After finishing second in the European Championship of KF, Nielsen of the Racing Department aims to obtain the maximum on the occasion of the World Championship in Essay

• Nielsen, Sitnikov and Jessica Bakman in KF and Novalak, Drugovich Roncato and Armstrong. These are our drivers

• How to follow the World Cup and cheer on the Kosmic Kart-Vortex

The Kosmic Kart Racing Department closed the CIK-FIA European Championship, out of four rounds, resulting in a positive performance. On the English PF International circuit Nielsen has been fighting for the European title and for winning of the race. Unfortunately, our driver has ended the race and the championship in second place. Considering what we did ain the course of the four rounds of the European Championship, we are aware that we made our best and the whole staff is encouraged to do even more in the upcoming World Championship that will take place in the next weekend on the French circuit of Essay. Nielsen, Sitnikov and Jessica Bakman will be at the track for KF category. At the same event also the World Champion title for KF Junior category will be assigned, in which our colours will be defended by Novalak and Drugovich Roncato and the newly arrived, the Australian Armstrong. By virtue of the technical material that they will receive and the experience gained so far, the Racing Department and the team manager Olivier Marechal place great confidence in the ability of the drivers in "Blue" colours. In order to follow the World Championship "live", you can connect to the live timing at the following link: http://www.cikfia.tv/ Sunday races will be available at the streaming tv starting from 11.00 am on Sunday 21st September.