• Nielsen was leader in the heats of the world championship, after having hit even the pole, but was excluded from title due to a contact in the pre-final

• Debut for new suits Kosmic Kart by Sparco

• The Kosmic Kart and other brands made in Prevalle were the leader of the world championship, won by the FA Kart-Vortex of Norris (KF) and Hamed (KFJ)

• In KFJ class our young drivers, Novalak, Roncato Drugovich and Armstrong have performed well

• The rankings of the World Championship

The CIK World Championship in Essay (France) gave yet another confirmation of the great competitiveness of our technical material, of our Racing Department and of the level of our drivers, especially Nicklas Nielsen.
Unfortunately just Nielsen, when a result seemed headed for framing, after racing perfect heats and always winning, was excluded from the race due to a contact at the pre-final’s start.
Nielsen has signed a stratospheric pole position and dominated all four heats, showing up on the grid of the pre-final in the front row, as the leader and favourite number one. The pre-final was held on a wet track and inconvenience did not spare our driver.
At the green light Nielsen jumped perfectly, but after a few tens of meters, right into the first corner on the right, Joyner has touched our driver, totally innocent, sending him in the head and tail to tail, relegating it to back of the group.
Nielsen’s comeback was very well determined, but the result was now significantly compromised.
To distinguish our drivers in this world championship, other than the top-performances, was also the aesthetic aspect. Kosmic Kart Racing Department’s drivers, in fact, led to the debut their new race suits with a new design studied by our graphic design studio in synergy with Sparco, world leader in the apparel industry for motorsport wearing.
The competitiveness of our technical material was clear, however, and there have been drivers of other teams employing our material as Rossel (KSB-Racing Team), who have performed well, finishing in sixth place in a ranking monopolized by products made in Prevalle.
Should not be underestimated the performance of Jessica Backman, good at earning the world final, after running in the heats always on the attack, while not making mistakes. Jessica ended the final in twenty-second position, after starting from the bottom due to the withdrawal occurred in the pre-final.
Even in KF Junior category the competitiveness and the overall quality of our products has jumped to the attention of all, as always.
Clément Novalak did an excellent series of heats, although its overall performance during the race was hampered by an accident that occurred at the last race.
Also the Brazilian Felipe Roncato Drugovich and the Australian Marcus Armstrong competed in a World Championship of excellent quality, gaining access to the final easily.
Our technical material has excelled in KFJ class thanks to the magnificent competition of the Colombian Mauricio Baiz, able to get on the podium in third place, at the end of a race in which he got the better only on the final against the Exprit-Vortex chassis of Maini and the other Kosmic Kart of Haaga.
Even in the cadet class should not be forgotten that the material "similar" to ours, FA Kart, won the world champion.